In 2020-2021 (the 2nd year of Covid-19), the PTSA...

Awarded seven $1,000 scholarships to Senior Student Members, two $500 scholarships, plus $500 in scholarships through the Latin American Council Committee
Created, presented, and recorded a two-part training on “Advocacy: How to Create Change”
Mental Health Committee Chair, Ana Nunez, was a featured speaker on the National PTA’s podcast, “Notes from the Backpack,” on episode 40, “Is My Teen Having a Mental Health Crisis?”
Collaborated with students and parents to deliver testimony to the state legislature on HB461 - Excused Absences for Mental Health Days
Arranged for a screening of AFSP’s “It’s Real” documentary about teen suicide, followed by separate facilitated panel discussions for teens & adults
Received a $1200 grant from the Horizon Foundation to support the MHHS community’s mental health
Provided staff with 5 meals, drive-by treats and kits, and holiday gifts plus did a tissue and hand sanitizer drive
Hosted virtual BINGO games with prizes for each grade of students, in collaboration with Viking Backers
Collaborated with MHHS to organize a “One School One Book” parent book group to read and discuss “Stamped: Racism, Anti-Racism, and You” by Jason Reynolds
Sponsored the virtual Regional Science Olympiad and International Toastmasters Youth Leadership club
Supported “Senior Extravaganza” (in lieu of After-Prom) both financially and with volunteers - provided prizes and thousands of dollars towards entertainment rental expenses
Raised $672 from the sale of Senior Banners
Distributed candy “class rings” to seniors during drive-by event
Offered virtual SAT/ACT Test Prep classes through partner The Answer Class

In 2019-2020 (the year of Covid-19), the PTSA...

Awarded seven $1,000 scholarships to Senior Student Members

Organized a Board of Education Candidates Forum

Created a Mental Health Committee, won a $600 grant from Horizon Foundation, and scheduled/implemented multiple Mental Health awareness activities

Created a Latin American Council Committee and started a WhatsApp communication channel with over 60 Spanish speaking families

Sponsored a Diwali festival for the Mt. Hebron community and Chinese New Year Celebration luncheon for staff

Nominated staff member Tom Sankey for a Howard County Council of the Arts HOWIE Award which he WON

Sponsored 2 Restorative Justice in Education book studies for parents

Awarded 23 major prizes and $2,000 in gift cards to graduating seniors at virtual Senior Sendoff (in place of After-Prom)

Sponsored Maryland Regional Science Olympiad and Toastmasters Youth Leadership Club

Sponsored six SAT/ACT Prep Classes raising $1,318 for PTSA

Served up or sponsored 6 Staff Breakfasts and Lunches

Delivered 7 Staff Workroom and Mailbox Treats throughout the year

Attracted over 660 members

For a complete list of 2019-2020 accomplishments, click here

In 2018-2019, the PTSA...

​Purchased international flags to display in the cafeteria
Sponsored a Diwali celebration, Regional Science Olympiad, and Toastmasters Club
Nominated 2 staff members for awards that each won, including Math Teacher Greg Murach as Howard County Teacher of the Year
Held a special "Run, Hide, Fight Emergency Preparedness" program for parents
Held a Volunteer Recognition Reception to honor our volunteers
Organized a team of parents & students to volunteer at Drug Takeback Day
Delivered 10 Staff Appreciation treats spaced throughout the year
Served up or sponsored 7 Staff Lunches
Kept over 500 students safe at After-Prom
Attracted over 800 members

For a complete list of 2018-2019 accomplishments, click here

In 2017-2018, the PTSA...

Awarded ten $1,000 college scholarships to Senior Student Members.

Administered $2,250 in endowment scholarships.

Sold and delivered 4,860 bags of mulch; raised over $10,000 for After-Prom.

Hosted 546 students at After-Prom to keep students safe on Prom night.

Financially supported a student-organized TED Talk, "Penny for Your Thoughts".

Offered 4 SAT prep classes attended by 72 students.

Fed MHHS staff with two luncheons, a breakfast, and a dessert/coffee bar.

Stocked staff lounges with an assortment of K-cups and classrooms with donated tissue boxes.
Hosted Speaker on changes to the HCPSS Science Curriculum.

Attracted over 600 Members.