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Mt. Hebron PTSA is pleased to offer seven (7) $1000 scholarships to seven (7) graduating seniors. This scholarship is intended to support a student in their future endeavors, which may or may not be higher education. These scholarships will be paid out in two installments. 
Checks made out to the student will be distributed as follows: 
$500 in May at the awards assembly and $500 by mail the following January.
To be eligible, a student and at least one parent must be current members of the PTSA prior to March 30, 2022. Application submissions are due by April 15, 2022 at 2PM and should be emailed to Only complete applications will be considered.
A complete application submission includes:
• Application form signed by the applying student and the parent PTSA member
• Typed response (no greater than 300 words) to one essay question (located in the form)
• Extra-Curricular Activities form


Scholarship Application
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