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Mt. Hebron PTSA After-Prom FAQ 2024

  • 1. What is After-Prom?
    After-Prom is a huge party put on by the PTSA after the Prom dance. For a low low price you get all-you-can-eat favorites like Qdoba, Rita’s, Chick-fil-A mac and cheese and nuggets, China Taste, Vocelli pizza, samosas, Krispy Kreme donuts, Cinnabon, a coffee bar, and more. There is so much to do – there are giant inflatables, a dodge ball tournament, Family Feud game, caricature artists, rock climbing wall, henna tattoos, and more. Then there are prizes – Segway Electric Kick Scooter, HP Laptop, iPad and pen, Amazon gift cards, Apple Watch, Samsung Smart Watch, Apple TV, 32” TV, Designer gym/travel bag, Designer handbags, Beats headphones, AirPod Pros, Cash, Xbox, Kendra Scott jewelry, Various gift cards, tons of Under Armour gear, and even cash prizes.
  • 2. When and Where is After-Prom?
    After-Prom 2024 is on Saturday, April 27 from 11:00pm to 3:00am at the YMCA located at 4331 Montgomery Rd., Ellicott City 21043.
  • 3. Who can go?
    Any Mt. Hebron junior or senior. You do NOT have to go to Prom to go to After-Prom. Guests who are not Mt. Hebron juniors or seniors MUST have attended the Prom dance as your guest to go to After-Prom. If another Howard County high school is holding Prom the same night as Mt. Hebron, the Hebron junior/senior and their Prom date may attend the Mt Hebron PTSA After-Prom. Verification of Prom attendance required - email one of the After-Prom co-chairs at: Dana Arthurs,
  • 4. What time do I have to get there?
    You have to arrive within one hour of the time After-Prom begins. Since After-Prom starts at 11:00pm you must get there by 12:00am (midnight). You will not be allowed in after 12:00am.
  • 6. Do I have to ride the bus from Prom to After-Prom?
    No – the bus is optional and offered for your convenience. The bus costs an additional $5.
  • 5. Is it a lock-in? Can I leave whenever I want?
    No, it is not a lock-in. Yes, you can leave whenever you want – but why would you want to? If you do leave After-Prom, you may not return. However, if you want to leave to store belongings in your vehicle, for example, you may request an adult escort to walk you to your car so you may re-enter the event.
  • 7. What do I wear to After-Prom? Can I change there?
    You wear comfortable clothes to After-Prom, like a t-shirt and shorts, jeans, sweats, etc. You may change before you arrive, but there are also locker rooms at the YMCA for changing. You may bring a lock to secure your items in a locker if you want - just remember to take all your things with you when you leave, and PTSA/YMCA are not responsible for items you leave in the locker room. Escorts are available if you prefer to store your belongings in your vehicle.
  • 8. Do I need to bring my ID to After-Prom?
    Picture ID required for entry to After-Prom for all guests 18 years or older who purchased tickets and signed forms online.
  • 9. Is there anything I can’t bring in to After-Prom?
    A. There are volunteers who will check bags at the entrance. You may not bring in any liquids – no water bottles, coffee cups, medication, pepper spray, contact solution, perfume, etc. including any other things you wouldn’t be allowed to bring to a school event. Anything the bag checkers find that you cannot bring in (unless it’s illegal stuff, which will be confiscated) will be held for you in a labeled bag which you can claim when you leave.
  • 10. How do I get raffle tickets to win prizes?
    When you arrive at After-Prom, you will receive one white Gift Card Drawing ticket and 10 red Raffle tickets. You may redeem the white ticket at the Gift Card Drawing station at any time during the evening for a chance to win a $10 gift card or Under Armour gear. You will write your name on the red tickets and put them in the box corresponding to the Raffle prizes you wish to win. At 1:00am you may return to the Registration Desk for 10 additional red tickets for more chances to win Raffle prizes. Students will also receive "funny money" when they arrive to use in the Casino room. There is a chance to win a few separate prizes by trading in chips won in the Casino room for blue tickets. Casino prizes will be on display in the Casino room. All Raffle prize winners' names will be drawn starting at 2:30am in the main floor gym. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!
  • 11. Who can win prizes?
    A. There is a gift card drawing separate from the raffle prizes. ANYONE, including guests, gets a ticket for a chance to win a gift card or other prize at the Gift Card Drawing table, as well as prizes in the Casino room. ONLY MT. HEBRON STUDENTS (any grade) may win the larger raffle prizes. The Gift Card Drawing is ongoing throughout the night. The Raffle Prizes and Casino Prizes are awarded at 2:30am, half an hour before the end of After-Prom, and you MUST BE PRESENT to win.
  • 12. How do I get tickets to go to After-Prom?
    Tickets will be sold for $20 in the cafeteria on April 17th, 24th and 26th. If you buy your ticket online, on the PTSA website, the waiver is built-in. Invited guests may buy their own tickets online. Ticket leap will be used to sell the tickets, and the After-Prom committee will be in the cafeteria to assist with online sales on April 17th, 24th and 26th. Tickets MUST be purchased BEFORE the After-Prom. You MAY NOT buy tickets at the door. There is no physical ticket – you will receive a digital ticket that contains a QR Code.
  • 13. How do e-tickets work?
    Once you purchase a ticket online, the email address entered for the purchaser will receive an emailed receipt and e-ticket. The e-ticket contains a QR Code the student will need to show on their phone to enter After-Prom. If a parent receives the emailed e-ticket, the parent can share it with the student via text or email. The student may screen shot it for quick retrieval, or plan to search through texts/emails to find it, but the student will not have the option to save it to their Apple wallet with this method. In order for the student to load the e-ticket onto their Apple wallet the parent will have to first load, and then transfer, the ticket from their own Apple wallet. If the student receives the e-ticket directly (by entering the student’s email address as the purchaser’s email), the student can quickly & easily put the ticket in their own Apple wallet.
  • 14. What if my student does not have a device to store a QR Code?
    This implies your student will be purchasing a ticket in person in the cafeteria. See the ticket sellers for the exact procedure. Your student’s name will be on a physical list at the entrance to After-Prom. They should be prepared to show ID that contains their name – a student ID is fine. All students 18yrs and older who purchase their tickets online must be prepared to show an ID with their birth date.
  • 15. Is this a school event? Why do I need a signed waiver?
    After-Prom is NOT a school event – it is put on by the PTSA, which requires waivers for insurance purposes. Since the Rock Wall is owned by the YMCA, they also require a waiver so you are covered by insurance. You CAN NOT buy a ticket without a parent to sign the online waiver. If you are 18 yrs old you may sign your own waivers if you show ID. Rock Wall Waivers - Can be signed electronically by a parent. PTSA Waivers - This has to be signed electronically if you purchase a ticket. ALL WAIVERS can be found here: While After-Prom is not a school event, the HCPSS Student Code of Conduct rules are in effect including, but not limited to: Alcohol Violation, Arson/Fire Violation, Bullying/Harassment, Property Damage, Disrespect, Drug Violation, Explosives, False Alarms/Bomb Threats, Fighting, Gang Activity, Indecent Exposure, Physical Attack, Serious Bodily Injury, Sexual Activity, Theft, Threat to Students, Tobacco Violation, and Weapons Violation. Violations of the HCPSS Student Code of Conduct rules are grounds for removal from After-Prom. The offender's parent/guardian will be contacted in the event of violations of any rules of conduct resulting in expulsion from the event or intervention by police/security. Private security will be present and may take further action. MHHS students are responsible for the behavior of their non-MHHS guests.
  • 16. Where can my parents or I find out more information about After-Prom?
    A. All of this information plus waivers that may be printed is available on the PTSA website: under the After-Prom tab. You may also email the After-Prom chair at: Dana Arthurs,
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