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The PTSA offers a variety of Programs and Events for the Mount Hebron community.  If you're interested in learning more about all of the activities the PTSA is involved with, we've compiled a list below and linked to some of our bigger endeavors in the Programs/Events menu.  The list is always growing and changing; so, check back every couple of months to see what's new and exciting at Mount Hebron!

Senior Banners


Celebrate your graduate’s accomplishments with a customized congratulatory message on a Senior Banner!  The 2’ x 3’ vinyl banners go on sale in late March and decorate our hallways during the weeks leading to graduation. Prior to graduation, banners are delivered to your graduating Senior so they can be proudly displayed at your Graduation Party.  Don’t forget what a wonderful keepsake it is for your senior! 


See pictures of the banners on our website here.  Look for announcements during March for official sale dates!  

SAT Prep Classes


Offered since fall 2012, classes usually run 4 times per year (October, December, March, June test dates) at Mt. Hebron during convenient after-school hours.  We offer two types of classes:


“Full Prep Classes”: Includes 24 hours of instruction and a full diagnostic test. 

“Blitz Classes”:  Includes 6 hours of instruction with a full diagnostic test.


Classes are run by Maryland-based Academic Coaches.  Instructors are Maryland state-certified teachers who possess a degree in their particular area of expertise and have prior tutoring/teaching experience.


Academic Coaches can also run ACT prep classes if there is enough interest.  


Visit for a schedule of upcoming classes and costs. 

Email Patricia Marton, MHHS Student Services for class options/logistics.

Email Chris Sperlein, Academic Coach, for content specific questions. 



Mulch Sale

Feel good about donating your time, get a great workout, and beautify your yard all at the same time!


 Each year, the MHHS Mulch Sale raises approximately $10,000 for After-Prom.


This annual event runs a sales campaign in late-February/early-March and delivers upwards of 5,000 bags of mulch to as many as 215 homes and neighborhood locations in early Spring.


Our Delivery Day team requires over 200 volunteers performing tasks such as:


  • Mulch Sale Coordinators  (IN SEARCH OF 1 Shadow for 2019)

  • Dispatch Coordinator (IN SEARCH OF 1 Shadow for 2019/2020)

  • Volunteer Coordinator (IN SEARCH OF 1 for 2019)

  • Sign Management (1-2 to assist delivery in February/March, pickup in April)

  • Delivery Day Loading Bay Supervisors (4-5)

  • Delivery Day Mulch Loaders (~150 Students, ~15 adults)

  • Delivery Day Trucks with Adult Drivers (25-30)

  • Delivery Day Hospitality (1-2 Adults)


Please visit the MHHS Mulch Sale website and click Volunteer to see more information about each of our positions. 

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