Tall Cop Says...

At the "High in Plain Sight" presentation at Howard High School today we learned a lot about drugs today, terms being used, and everyday items that are being used to hide/carry/store substances. Here's a little of what I learned.

1. See the hat with the little crown logo? Those hats have hidden velcro compartments in the lining.

2. THC potency in marijuana is changing - it is possible to overdose on marijuana.

3% - back in the 1960s

15% - today's national average potency

22-28% - what dispensaries can sell

20-90% - found in waxes and concentrates, like vape pen cartridges (which are also odorless)

3. "sizzurp" - the term for cough syrup (with or w/out codeine) mixed with beverage of choice. Can also be called "lean", "dirty sprite", or "double cup".

4. So many things are available to kids online - if you see "RC" in a device's search history, that stands for "research chemical".

5. Your kid has no money? Websites take all sorts of prepaid gift cards as payment!

Have your own questions? Speaker Jermaine Galloway said feel free to email him or check out his Facebook page (see image attached). Locally, you can contact HCDrugFree and if they don't have the answer for you immediately, they will track it down and let you know


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