Membership Matters

Welcome to the new school year!  We are starting our membership efforts for the Mt. Hebron High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA).  The purpose of PTSA is to build and enhance compelling relationships with parents, students, teachers/school staff so that everyone feels welcomed, heard, and included thus making our community an outstanding place to live, learn & play.

Did you know PTSA......

...awards scholarships every year to outstanding seniors.

...hosts the most amazing After-Prom keeping our kids safe and having fun on Prom night. focused on family engagement by educating and engaging us on the most relevant current school environment.

Sign up now to participate in the "must join" club so that you can make a difference.

Register on-line: Click on the "Memberships" tab Download the form: Click on the "Forms" tab Get ready for an amazing year! Your PTSA


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