ISO Input on MHHS Mission & Vision

A message from M&V team member and MHHS staff member Farah Jawhar:

The process we have been engaging in this year is to improve the mission and vision statements of Mount Hebron HS: A mission statement declares what the Mount Hebron community stands for and what we believe in—essentially how we would explain ourselves and community to those around us and what we value. The vision statement shares where we would like to be in the future and what our ideal community would look like ten years from now. This impacts parents because this is the direction that our school is headed as well as what we stand for, thus impacting our decisions at the school and community level. What parents can do is take a look at the student draft (this is what the students came up with after completing this process over the past four months) of the mission and visions statements, and on the google form provide us with their feedback and thoughts on those drafts: what do they like? What resonates with them? What do they feel is missing? How does this connect to the Superintendent’s strategic call to action? Please comment here: Thank you!!


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