Education Advocacy

PTSA President Caroline Bodziak attended Maryland PTA Night in Annapolis Feb. 7 and heard from delegates from around the state about various education-related legislation being considered, including:

- School Bus Safety

- Universal Pre-K

- Allowing Parental Leave for school-related activities

- Mental Health Support for Children

- Lead Remediation in Drinking Water

- Blocking Funding for a Firearms Act to prevent teachers from carrying or being trained on firearms in school

- Funding to make schools Trauma Informed, including training and support for teachers

- Ensuring that schools receiving state funding do not discriminate

- Allowing Vocational Ed. Students to fast-track into Apprenticeship Programs

- Many others

If this type of advocacy interests you, email Caroline at There is room in PTSA to create an Advocacy Committee if there is enough interest.

Mt Hebron PTSA President Caroline Bodziak and MD PTA President Latisha Corey


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