Breaking News: Redistricting

HCPSS Redistricting Impacts Mt. Hebron HS Join a PTSA Special Committee to work on response Board of Education Public Hearing Tues., Sept. 17 @ 7pm

Aug. 22, 2019 – Tonight HCPSS Schools Superintendent, Dr. Martirano, presented his recommendations for redistricting to take place for the school year 2020-2021. His complete presentation including message to the community, power point slides, and written recommendation report may be found on the HCPSS Website here: HCPSS Redistricting. Scroll down the timeline to August 22 where you will find the Superintendant's Recommended Plan.

Join the Mt. Hebron PTSA Special Committee on Redstricting: Become part of a newly created committee to research and plan a response to the Superintendent’s Recommendation to be presented as Public Testimony at the Sept. 17 BOE meeting. Email to join the committee. Make sure to join PTSA as a member by clicking the Membership tab above.

Superintendant’s Priorities: They are threefold: 1. To alleviate crowding; 2. Advance equity by addressing Free and Reduced Meal (FARM) distribution, and 3. Minimizing impact for high schools most likely to be affected by HS#13 boundary adjustments (to avoid double moves).

Impact on Mt. Hebron: In Dr. Martirano’s plan, Mt. Hebron High School is not getting any students from any other high school, but will transfer 85 students to Centennial HS (from polygons 308, 1308, 2308) and 82 students to Marriott’s Ridge HS (from polygons 159, 1159).

According to his proposed plan, Mt Hebron would go from 117% utilization/capacity to 104% in 2020-2021, then back up to 112% by 2024-2025. Mt. Hebron’s FARM population would go from 16% to 14%, a reduction of 2%. Mt. Hebron’s racial makeup would change like this:

Amer. Indian or Alaska Native - No change <=5%

Asian - from 31% to 32%

Black or African American - from 15% to 13%

Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander - No change <=5%

Hispanic - No change 8%

Two or More - No change <=5%

White - from 42% to 41%

Provide Written Testimony: Beginning August 21 and through 4:30 p.m. on November 19, the Board of Education will receive written testimony via USPS mail or emailing it to Any testimony received prior to this date will not be accepted. Additionally, testimony sent to individual Board members or to the BOE email address will not be accepted.

Provide Public Testimony: The Board of Education is scheduled to hold three public hearings to gather feedback from the community. Members of the public may only attend the session associated with the region in which they live based on the School Locator. Members of the public who wish to testify but cannot attend a public hearing may submit testimony via email or USPS mail. Mt. Hebron’s date/time is Tuesday, September 17 at 7:00pm. Full details on the Board of Education boundary review public hearings may be found online. Join the PTSA Special Committee to help formulate a response to the Superintendent’s Recommendation.


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